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Your home service needs is our top priority. Whether your home services needs consist of home watch, pest control, irrigation, landscape maintenance or just airing up a car tire , or anything else, our expertise and quality of service are unmatched in the home services industry. We value every client’s time and business. 

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We offer dependable services and most of our service technicians are in house. The few subcontractors that we use are highly vetted. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority. We will not recommend anything that is not needed and we have no incentive to fix items that aren’t broken or replace items that can be fixed. We look out for the home owner’s best interest.


Whether you’re a new home owner, own a second home or have lived in Florida for years, you know that homes require work and continual care. For every problem, there are equal number of service providers to call. When you finally get through, scheduling becomes another issue. Wouldn’t it be easy if all the repairs, all the regular maintenance, and all the people who enter your home were familiar faces under one roof?


During each visit your dedicated home services technician will conduct a comprehensive maintenance program. We take care of all the messy chores that are a necessary part of maintaining your property. We also take care of the small projects on your honey-do list like hanging pictures or changing light bulbs so you can enjoy your valuable time. We are your eyes and ears.


We believe in conducting the best service possible with integrity and accountability through our innovative approach. Our home services and scheduling is technology-driven and paired with decades of experience. Home maintenance is ready for a new approach and we aim to provide the quality service you expect, at a scheduled time, guaranteed. We are your eyes and ears.

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    • you are our #1 customer
    • we have excellent customer service
    • we solve problems
    • our 100% no risk guarantee
    • we protect your property
    • we care about the slightest details
    • we have years of experience in the service industry
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