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Home Watch Program

Home Maintenance Program

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Landscape Maintenance

 Private Home Management Provider

Let Us Worry!…Your property is unoccupied while you are away for a long needed vacation, for the season or maybe you had to move while the house is still for sale. Who will look after the property? Who do you trust to protect your multi-million dollar investment should an appliance fail? Water leak from a pipe or the roof? Ants or Roaches? You know the risks!

Our Services

Home Watch

• Detailed Report of Findings
• Malfunction Systems Check
• Exterior
• Roof
• Garage
• Electrical Circuit Resets
• Interior Structure Leaks
• Security Device Check

Home Maintenance

• Change Batteries in Detectors
• Water Heater Operation
• Clean Gutters and Downspouts
• Leak Check Toilet/Plumbing
• Re-Caulk Bathtub and Shower
• Small Appliance Repair
• Touch Up All Paint
• Inspect Hoses on Appliances

On Demand

• Pressure Cleaning
• Window Washing
• Gutter Cleaning
• House Cleaning
• Mail Retrieval
• Pet Sitting
• Pet Walking
• Call For More Info.


• Full System Installation
• Maintenance Programs
• 20 Point Tune Up and Analysis
• Sprinkler System Leaks
• Raising Sprinkler Heads
• Systems Efficiency Update
• Pressure Testing
• Wellhead Checks

Pest Control

• Indoor Pest Management
• Outdoor Pest Management
• Moisture Management
• Weed Abatement
• Fertilization Schedules
• Organic Programs
• Flower Bloom Buster Programs
• Flower Bedding Replacement


• Landscape Maintenance
• Sod Renovation & Installation
• Landscape Installation
• Landscape Design
• Flower and vegetation planting
• Mulching
• Drainage
• Pruning

Home Watch/ Home Maintenance

Meet The Company 1 Group

I’m Eric Wiseman and I love making people happy by giving the gift of “no worries”. You’ve worked hard to be able to own another home, don’t let the Florida weather ruin that lifestyle. Company 1 Group Private Home Management Services in  North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Juno Beach. are designed to give you complete freedom. You save time AND money when professionals are not just watching your home, but managing it properly. You no longer have to impose on friends and neighbors. Your insurance coverage does not automatically decline while you pay the same rates. No more frantically trying to get the house ready- leave it to us, and when you return, you come home to a happy healthy, well-cared for property. You can plan on a round of golf the day you arrive- not a massive clean-up, desperately calling contractors to arrange repairs, and snarling at your spouse as you wonder whether it is all worth it.

If you want real Peace of Mind, call me today to see how we can solve your vacant problems like we have for so many others.

Monthly Home Maintenance

Each month your dedicated service technician will conduct a comprehensive Home Maintenance program covering every room in your house and all of your landscape. During this visit, we take care of all the messy chores that are a necessary part of maintaining your property. We also take care of the small projects on your honey-do list like hanging pictures or changing light bulbs so you can enjoy your valuable free time.

Seasonal services

We believe in conducting the best service possible with integrity and accountability through our innovative approach. Our service and scheduling is technology-driven and paired with decades of experience. Home Maintenance is ready for a new approach and we aim to provide the quality service you expect, at a scheduled time, guaranteed. We are your eyes and ears.

Home Maintenance
One Stop Shop

Whether you’re a new home owner, own a second home or have lived in Florida for years, you know that homes require work and continual care. For every problem, there are equal number of service providers to call. When you finally get through, scheduling becomes another issue. Wouldn’t it be easy if all the repairs, all the regular Home Maintenance, and all the people who enter your home were familiar faces under one roof?

Why Choose Company 1 Group Home Maintenance Services?

  • you are our #1 customer
  • we have excellent customer service
  • we solve problems
  • our 100% no risk guarantee
  • we protect your property
  • we care about the slightest details
  • we have years of experience in the home service industry

Call us now at 561.795.3909 for prompt service.

Peace of Mind

We offer dependable services and most of our service technicians are in house. The few subcontractors that we use are highly vetted. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority. We will not recommend anything that is not needed and we have no incentive to fix items that aren’t broken or replace items that can be fixed. We look out for the home owner’s best interest.

For new customers, establishing a relationship with Company 1 Group Home Services is easy. We’ll provide answers to all your questions and give you peace of mind.

Returning Customer? Are you an existing customer in need of a service? The team at Company 1 Group Home Services is ready to help! Give us a call, log in, or send a service request!