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Home To A Rusty Dryer?



Want to know the secret why?

Hi, this is Eric S. Wiseman, owner and reference guide for absentee homeowners like you.

Did you come home from your wonderful summer up North only to find water, or worse, rust, in the dryer in your beautiful home? What a shock! How aggravating! Did your clothes get rust stains? Will you need to replace the dryer because the drum inside is now a mess? Are other parts getting rusty, guaranteeing service calls, early failure, and more surprises and expenses?

You have worked hard to afford the luxury of a second home and don’t need these hassles and aggravations that eat up your time. Sitting around, waiting for appliance people who promise to be there at 9 AM and then show up promptly at 11:30. You could have been walking on the beach but your day was  completely wasted. What is your time worth?

You see, what is happening is very typical here in Florida.

WARNING: A little Science here.

“When you leave your home empty for months at a time, (or you have an untrained/inexperienced ‘once a month’ home watch service), the air inside your closed dryer equalizes with the outside air through the vent hose which normally exhausts the hot air. That means the super-humid hot air outside equalizes with the air in the dryer drum. The cooler air in the home keeps the metal drum cooler than the humid air inside your dryer and you get (scientific info here!) the ‘tea glass effect.’ Just as a tea glass develops moisture, or condensates, on the warmer side of the ice cold drink glass, the moisture condensates on the warm side of the dryer drum- inside.  

This moisture can cause rust, ruin your nice clothes, cause early failure of the appliance, and make you the repairman’s best customer.

How can you prevent this from happening? You probably don’t see this happening when you are living in the unit, do you? That’s because you routinely use the appliance. If you ensure that the appliance is run for at least 10 minutes every other week, you will never have the problem. The heat from the dryer will remove any moist air inside the drum and exhaust it. Once the drum is dry, ensure the door is left open to allow lower humidity home air to circulate inside the drum. This solution eliminates inline doors, flappers, and ‘socks’ that can clog from dryer dust or need changing at regular intervals, too.”  (I would go on to describe how to keep the dryer light from burning out but that is for another time.)

Now this solution does require you ensure these three critical elements:

  • the humidity is kept low in the home while you are gone
  • someone is checking on the property more than once a month
  • they use a tailored checklist that ensures this check is done each time

My private home management clients do not have this problem. Why? Very simply, because our service ensures this doesn’t happen. We know what the issue is based on our experience and make it a ‘non-issue’ for our clients. Our exclusive 101 point checklist is tailored by an educator, and expert to match YOUR individual home. With precision our checklists eliminate hundreds of potential problems just like this one.

If you would like to stop worrying about your investment, stop coming home to surprises, and stop being the embarassed by problems you could have solved, give me a call.

For more information, you can email us at customerservice@company1group.com or call 561-795-3909.

dentials as well.

When your house is regularly inspected, small home issues stay small, and sometimes our intervention makes repair unnecessary.

Things can, will and do happen. It’s not a matter of IF. It’s a matter of WHEN

What If… …your neighbor forgets to check the home during your absence and there is a leak? …your air conditioning system stops to work in the middle of summer? …the pool guy leaves the hose running and your pool overflows? …you forgot to turn the water off and the toilet leaks? …creatures find their way into your home and make it their own? …you left food in your fridge and there is a power outage?

Contact us – Before your WHAT IF becomes a WHEN!!


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