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Nobody wants to get a huge water bill from damaged or malfunctioning sprinkler systems! Company 1 Group can solve irrigation issues in  North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Juno Beach quickly and hassle free. We employ highly trained full-service professional irrigation specialists, are experts in hydraulic system repairs and have knowledge of all old and new Mechanical and Digital systems.

Services Provided:

• Full System Installation
• Maintenance Programs
• 20 Point Tune Up and Analysis
• Sprinkler System Leaks
• Raising Sprinkler Heads
• Systems Efficiency Update
• Pressure Testing
• Wellhead Checks

* Adjusting watering days and start time to be Palm Beach County and/or Community compliant.
* Setting the correct start time, watering run-time for each zone, and for the dry or wet season.
* Checking and cleaning the main line water filter (if installed).
* Testing each station to ensure that every sprinkler is working correctly.
* Adjusting sprinkler spray patterns so that the lawn and gardens are watered properly.
* Clearing any blocked sprinkler nozzles.
* Replacing any damaged spray nozzles (usually damaged from lawn mowers/weed eaters).
* Checking for leaks and dry spots in the lawn.
* Testing drip and micro irrigation zones (if installed).
* Testing the rain sensor (if installed), and cleaning the hygrophonic disks and cap.

Irrigation runoff


Irrigation adjustment


Irrigation on garden