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Palm Beach Gardens Vacation Home Care

Palm Beach Gardens Vacation Home Care

Company 1 Group Home Care was created at the request of our Real Estate Clients who needed professional attention to their vacation and second homes. While home sitting can meet some homeowners’ needs, our professional home management service helps you feel secure your home is being watched. Also in your absence, ensures its in top condition when you return to enjoy it.

We’ve devised a thorough inspection list that allows us to scrutinize homes both indoors and out. After completing our inspection, we immediately report potential problems and can help oversee remedial action. Licensed, bonded and insured ourselves, we make sure our pre-screened service providers have professional credentials as well.

When your house is regularly inspected, small home issues stay small, and sometimes our intervention makes repair unnecessary.

Things can, will and do happen. It’s not a matter of IF. It’s a matter of WHEN

What If… …your neighbor forgets to check the home during your absence and there is a leak? …your air conditioning system stops to work in the middle of summer? …the residence, above you, has a flood? …the pool guy leaves the hose running and your pool overflows? …you forgot to turn the water off and the toilet leaks? …creatures find their way into your home and make it their own? …you left food in your fridge and there is a power outage? Contact us – Before your WHAT IF becomes a WHEN!!

More than Vacation Home Care

Because homes can be as unique as their owners, we also offer specialized services. Want your family to feel they’re walking into the lobby of a high-end hotel on the first day? We’re happy to arrange cleaning as well as the delivery and placement of fresh flowers in the home before you arrive. We’ll have the drapes cleaned, towels stacked in the bathrooms, food in the refrigerator… all ready for weary travelers.

Company 1 Group Home Watch also makes departure a little easier by handling all of the tasks needed to close the home up properly. We can store outdoor furniture, clean home, carpets and drapes, set the sprinkler system and alarms and even unplug appliances. You’ll return to your primary residence relaxed and happy that all is well in Palm Beach Gardens Florida!

While relaxing at their vacation homes, our clients sometimes decide they’d like to make an improvement or remodel. There’s no reason to interrupt a leisurely vacation to start this taxing process. Company 1 Group Home Watch’s management specialists know how to find, hire and oversee the best Palm Beach County contractors. We know who outperforms who either large or small home renovations, plumbing, pool and Jacuzzi installation, paint, carpet and all styles of interior design.

Company 1 Group Home Watch is is locally centered in the North Palm Beach community. Most of our current clients own second or vacation homes in North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Singer Island, but we also manage homes in other Northern Palm Beach County communities for a small additional fee. Contact us for a custom quote on all our services. We love the home management challenge every new home brings and look forward to hearing from you.


We Watch and Care For Your Property While You Relax!

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We offer On Demand Service to all of our customers. You can always count on Company 1 Group to maintain your home and get the job done right. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find the source of any problems and fix them fast.