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Pest Control Northern Palm Beach

Pest Control Northern Palm Beach:

If you live in Northern Palm Beach pest control isn’t a new concept. You’re no stranger to the large variety of pests found both indoors and outdoors. Unfortunately, simply keeping a clean home or business isn’t always enough to prevent a pest invasion. If you have a pest problem – or notice signs of pests – in your home, business or commercial building, then you’ll want to schedule an appointment with a professional pest control service as soon as you can. Here at Company 1 Group, our pest control specialists can identify, remove and prevent the infestation of some of Southern Florida’s worst pests. The following are just some of the pest control services that we offer concerning Pest Control Northern Palm Beach.


Our comprehensive pest control services includes:

• Indoor Pest Management
• Outdoor Pest Management
• Moisture Management
• Weed Abatement
• Fertilization Schedules
• Organic Programs
• Flower Bloom Buster Programs
• Flower Bedding Replacement


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